Race your champion
Race your hounds in exciting arena tournaments and win a share from the total prize pool.
Each race will have its own custom simulation that will take into consideration multiple factors like stamina, surface preference, weather preference and distance preference for each hound.
Each preference factor will have to be discovered by the hound owner in order to create a more efficient racing strategy.

Join races and compete

  • Join and participate in different races on Houndrace.
  • In order to join the race, you will need to own a hound and pay the entry ticket.
  • After the required number of participants have joined, the race will go live.
  • Each race is simulated by our algorithm and can be watched in 2D or 3D environments.
  • After the race simulation has ended, the winners will split the prize pool that was accumulated from the entry tickets.

Racing Variables

  • Number of participants: 12 hounds.
  • Prize distribution: 1st place: 50%, 2nd place: 30%, 3rd place: 20%.
  • Number of milestones during a race: 4. The milestone rewards will come from a different token pool and will not be correlated to the accumulated fees from the entry tickets.
  • Platform and arena fees: 10% from the total prize pool will be split between the arena owner and the platform on a 50/50 basis.
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Join races and compete
Racing Variables