Alpha Dune Token Utility

Learn how to earn and spend DUNE tokens

Alpha Dune tokens will be one of the core engines of interaction and growth with the Houndrace environment.

Users will have to spend DUNE in order to recharge their stamina and for breeding. The game will also have custom races where users will be able to join by spending tokens for the entry ticket.

Users will also be able to earn DUNE tokens by winning races, reaching milestones during races and by mining NFTs or contributing liquidity in specific pools.

DUNE Utility for Spending

  • DUNE races - custom races that will have the entry ticket in DUNE tokens.

  • Stamina recharge - users will have to spend tokens in order to fully recharge stamina.

  • Breeding - Breeding fees during breeding seasons.

DUNE Utility for Earning

  • Milestones - users can earn DUNE from races by reaching milestones in live races.

  • Races - users can earn tokens by winning races that have DUNE tokens as main prize.

  • Mining - users can earn tokens tokens by mining NFTs or providing liquidity to trading pairs.

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