My Races

Check your races and replay the best ones

My Races introduction

On My Races you can see everything about the races that you've joined. There are 2 main sub-sections:


  • Here you can see all the races that you've joined but haven't filled yet with the required number of participants. These races still have the "Filling" state.


  • Races that are about to start: Here you can see all the races that you have joined and have been filled and are about to start. These races have a "countdown" as the state and are about to go live.

  • Live races: After the countdown has ended, the race will go "live" and you will be able to watch the live simulation.

Race information

When you expand the race card, you will be able to see the following information:

  • Race name.

  • Race date: the time will be UTC.

  • Arena name.

  • Arena track distance.

  • Status.

  • Total prize pool.

  • For each winner, you will see near their name the total amount that they've won.


After the race has ended, the prize will be automatically distributed to the winners.

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