Breeding Seasons

When the breeding happens

Breeding seasons introduction

Breeding seasons are special events that take place during a limited time frame and allow all hound owners to expand the population and breed new hounds. We chose the season approach to breeding in order to heave a more controlled supply and limit the value impact that inflation can have to the ecosystem.

We also believe that this approach can create more excitement around the project on a constant basis.

Breeding seasons deep dive

  • The breeding season represents a limited time window event (2-3 weeks) that takes place every quarter. The season will have a start and end date and between that period all hound owners will have the possibility to breed new offsprings.

  • All the options from our breed section will become available and hound owners will be able to chose from the best one that suits their need.

  • During the breeding season there will be a cooldown time applied to each hound that engaged in the breeding process. In order to breed again with that hound, the owner will have to either wait until the cooldown time has passed or pay in order to refill the cooldown time of his hound.

  • Informations about the breeding season duration, start date, cooldown and costs will be announced on our discord community and social media channels.

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