Gameplay Modes

Never get bored on Houndrace

Gameplay modes introduction

  • Standard races: Choose from a multitude of arenas, distances, weather types, surfaces and find the best race for your hound. This is the main race type that will be introduced in our V1 mainnet launch.

  • Private races: Create a new race just for you and your friends. Select and customise the main race parameters and start competing for the big prize with your friends!

  • Tournaments: Our game engine allows for the creation of tournaments with a high degree of customisation of the main race parameters. With this mode we can create custom races with custom prizes for special events and partnerships.

  • Interactive races: Race in single player interactive modes where your skill is your most valuable asset and win points to rise on top of the global leaderboard. This gameplay type offers a more skilled approach to hound racing where users have to provide input and chose the best timing in order to win the race. On a weekly basis, the top performers will win special prizes for their performance.

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