Arena NFTs

Own a part of the action

Arenas represent one of the core components for the gaming experience that Houndrace has to offer. Each race takes place in an arena that has its own track distance, weather and surface for that race. All the arenas are custom build with different visual thematics and sound effects in order to ensure the best gaming experience for our players.

Arena ownership introduction

As an arena owner, you will be able to earn a fee from each race that happens in your arena. After the race has been completed, during the prize distribution event, a fee from the entire accumulated pool of funds will go to the arena owner’s wallet address.

This process is fully automated and doesn’t require any input from the owner.

Arena Variables

  • The following track distances will apply: 600m, 800m, 1000m, 1200m, 1400m, 1600m, 1800m, 2000m, 2200m, 2500m.

  • The following surfaces will apply: Rubber, Asphalt, Rocky, Mud, Dirt, Snow, Sand, Neon, Metallic, Essence.

  • The following weather types will apply: Sunny, Foggy, Dusty, Rainy, Eclipse, Blue Moon, Etherwind, Vulcanic, Void.


  • Each arena will only have 1 track distance, surface and weather associated with it.

  • The distance, surface and weather will have an impact on the edge that each hound has for that specific environmental variables.

Stay tuned

In order to learn more about our arena roll out and minting event, make sure to read our roadmap and get in touch with us on discord.

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