Hound NFTs

Your hound, unique and always ready for action

The hound NFTs are the main assets that are used inside the Houndrace game. Your hounds come with unique traits that make them stand out from the crowd.

All hounds are made up of 7 core elements:

  • Main Body.

  • Head.

  • Front Paws.

  • Back Paws.

  • Armour.

  • Tail.

  • Front Feet.

  • Back Feet.

Each hound has a unique combination of armour set and color for each element.

The estetic traits that create a rich personality are:

  • Gender.

  • Generation.

  • Name.

  • Genetics.

The gameplay traits that impact the performance are:

  • Mutations.

  • Surface preferences.

  • Fatigue Factor.

  • Weather Preferences.

  • Distance Preferences.

Join new races and compete with other players with your unique hounds, breed new generation of hounds during the breeding season or freely trade them on the available marketplaces.

During each race, there are different variables that impact the edge and performance that your hound has when competing with other players. Continue reading to learn more about all the set of features that make a hound great.

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