Learn how to join new races

Join section introduction

  • Title: Race name.

  • Arena: Arena name.

  • Surface: Surface type.

  • Weather: Arena weather for the race.

  • Distance: Track distance.

  • Weather: Weather type.

  • Ticket: Entry ticket for that race.

  • Pool: Prize pool for that race.

  • Registered: registered no of participants/total no of participants.

  • State: Filling = the race has not been filled yet with the required number of participants.


  • Users can join races with multiple hounds without any limits.

  • After the race has been filled with the required number of participants, it will disappear from the join section and it will be available in my races and live sections. More on that on the next pages.

  • After you have joined the race you will be able to remove the hound from that race but only after a certain cooldown time period has passed. After the cooldown has passed, you will see a "Leave Race" button near the name of your hound.

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