Mystery Box Overview

Mint and race your winner.

How to mint new Houndrace NFTs

Our minting process has a mystery box format where users have to open Houndrace Mystery Boxes in order to get Houndrace NFTs.

You can mint new hounds in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Purchase Houndrace Mystery Box

You can get a Mystery Box from our Opensea page:

Always make sure that you verify the right contract address:


Step 2: Go to the Claim Page


After you connect your Metamask wallet, you will see the number of mystery boxes that are available to open.

Step 3: Open Mystery Box

Click on open and submit the transaction.

After the transaction has been approved, you will receive a new hound and the mystery box will be burned.

Congrats, you just minted a new hound! Get ready to join the arena and compete in races with other players.


  • By opening 1 Mystery Box you will automatically receive 1 Houndrace NFT.

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