Multi-Asset Races

Bringing entire communities in our ecosystem

Multi-asset experience introduction

Already own an NFT from an established collection in your wallet? Join special races that are available only for specific NFT collections inside Houndrace.

We know that over 80% of NFTs just sit idle in user wallets and with this feature we aim on bringing entire communities from other collections inside our ecosystem.

Houndrace will offer the possibility of NFT owners from other whitelisted collections to compete in special tournaments with their community without owning a hound.

With this feature our aim is to create an open environment and create more utility for the entire NFT space by offering exclusive access to our ecosystem.


  • During a multi-asset race, players will be able to join special races without owning a Houndrace NFT.

  • Players will be able to join the race with NFTs from other collections.

  • Each event will have its own custom race for a specific NFT collection and only holders from that NFT collection will be able to participate.

  • Players will still have to pay the entry tickets.

Stay tuned

In order to learn more about our rollout for the multi-asset races feature, don't forget to read our roadmap and join our Discord server for more information.

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