Houndrace Roadmap

Houndrace roadmap for 2024.

Implement tournament and sprint system with multiple game formats. The competitions will require user entry and after that will run automatically.
Add new levelling system based on experience points that are accumulated from each race.
In-game rewards
Build a system that provides additional in game rewards at each arena milestone with mystery boxes, tokens, XP boosts and other types of rewards.
Mystery Box Update
Update the current mystery box system with multiple assets and different winning probabilities inside each mystery box.
Improve user onboarding, reduce friction and create a web2 friendly experience.
Instant transactions
Update and improve the wallet infrastructure in order to allow for instant transactions without confirmations and approvals at each step.
Gas-free transactions
Update and improve the wallet infrastructure in order to allow users to join races and tournaments without paying for gas at each transaction.
1 Click to First Race
Add 3 new non-transferable hounds with low stats for new users that join the game for the first time.
Name Change
Update the front-end with the option to change the name of your hound for a small fee.
Rarity Improvement
Improve the rarity and stats distribution probabilities for newly generated hounds.
Hound Attributes
Add new hound attributes that will improve the mechanics of the game and focus all the attributes into one metric in order to simplify the decision-making process for users.
Build your hound
Let users build their own hound from scratch with the option to freely customize a hound skeleton with different armor sets.
Customize hound
Implement the option to visually customize a hound they already own with new skins and armor sets.
User-generated content
Turn players into makers with the option for our players to create new skins, armor sets and arenas which can later be monetized.
Upgradable hound attributes
Implement upgradable attributes for each hound with scarce resources that players earn inside the game. With this feature, users can improve the performance of their hounds.
Skill tree
Implement a skill tree system where players can upgrade the stats of their hounds based on specific goals. For example they can upgrade a hound that performs best on tournaments.
Front-end updates
Update dapp front-end to the new design and make continuous changes that will further improve the user experience and reduce friction.
Create race
Option for players to create their own custom race with custom entry, number of participants, arena, and play instantly against bots.
Provably fair
Make the racing algorithm provably fair and verifiable by all users.
Hound Retirement Program
Enable the possibility to retire hounds after certain time and results milestones have been achieved.
Arena Ownership
Implement the arena ownership program where arena owners earn fees from each race that takes place inside their arena.
Arena Staking
Offer users the option to stake DUNE tokens to specific arena staking programs and receive racing fees as reward.
Alpha Dune Network Launch
Launch Houndrace on Alpha Dune network.
Hound NFT Bridge
Launch NFT bridge that can enable cross-chain transfers.