Estetic Features

Estetic features that contribute to the overall rarity of your hound

Your hound has special traits that make it scarce and unique. Discover them and admire the passion and the work that has been put in the design of your asset.

The estetic features of your hound:

  • Generation: Will be automatically assigned after breeding with the following formula: G1 + G2 = G(1+2). This formula will make certain generations more scarce than others.

  • Gender: Each hound will have its own gender that will be assigned at birth.

  • Name: Users will be able to set their own custom name to their hound.

  • Genetics: Will be automatically generated during the birth event and will create a unique set of traits that will determine the performance and esthetics of your hound.


Esthetic features do not impact the hound performance during races and they only contribute to the overall scarcity of your asset.

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